Saturday, June 11, 2005

Whats in store from google!

I was browsing net as usual and suddenly an idea struck ...what if there be a portal which allows you to log in once and cater all your email,blog,instant messanging,search,bookmarks,blogs,social portal and much more!...advantage o such a website(read portal) would be that you need not remember anymore passwords...and now I ve a firm belief that this is what we may expect next from After hiring top web developers from firefox team(you know that, don't you ?), allowing customization of their news portal and rolling out services like "my yahoo" this seems to be natural next that we may expect from this company. A customized fireox browser which once asks password in the begining and after that everything is just a click away(literally) on the blog link and blog instantly...another pulldown menu has your bookmarks stored no matter in which part of the world you are(actually I am missing my bookmarks like anything!)...mail alerts and scraps alerts from gmail and orkut(which is still not officially on google's product list) alerts, location specific searches and what not ...
so even if they are not planning such a thing they should :P(my G-drive capabilities are on a high these days and I was ging to be more elaborate but got bored ...maybe next time)