Saturday, May 14, 2005

CCMB sucks!!!...nah it's just temporary!

CCMB is almost like a twin of IICT(where I am working) and it seems to be the preferred of the two labs of CSIR. Facilities there are extremely sexy's one of the few labs in the world where stem-cell research is going on ( in India there is one other lab which is involved in this kind of research Relaince life sciences at mumbai). So we ventured inside CCMB. As CCMB and IICT share common library, hostels, health center and even a creche so there is no problem going inside and roaming about...we decided to do more ...we went to the canteen aka mess of the CCMB and whoaa!!! there were around 100 cute looking extremely sexy babes there of which my place is extremely devoid off. So we thought lets take a risk and eat there...and man the food was sexy and ltra cheap ..imagine a plate of rice with daal and a small cup of mango + 4 chappatis and a small cup of chicken curry for Rs. 14...we were all bowled !and the place was like a 3 star hotel;(if not five) with chandeliers and all.. ..and ofcourse cute north indian one night we have a lot of fun ...we ry over luck again nex afternoon and as they say if all is going too well then there's gota be something very wrong there !:O As we found it that it's not open for IICT people and hey were about to deny us lunch when a lady told us that you can eat here today but from nexct time use your own mess! godness me ..atleast not much embarrassment was there ...had those people told us to keep the plates down and go away:O:O:O ..aleast it would have been very embarassing ...
but as they say every thing is fair in love and war .I won't stop here:D(afterall rules are meant to be broken or bent) ..I 'll ask my prof to get us some permission to eat there. There is one more way ...last night we saw Dr. Bhargava at our library ..he's the founder of CCMB ...yes you got it :P...nething for food and chicks...We'll definitely try and talk to him and tell him how much we admire CCMB :D

Thursday, May 12, 2005


finally coming to terms with this place...found a couple of good places where they serve north indian dishes and not soo costly...seems it's time to concentrate more on my work
my work is related to neural networks and the professor(read scientist) is quite fundu ....he reads only journals and papers and his room is devoid of any books! also he has compelled us to code only in C so finally it's time to get fimilar with the baap of the languages! Actually neural networks are quite fundu things ...though the comparsion with brain, initially seemed fraud as we soon learned that it's nothing more a equation, but soon as we learned how it is applied the analogy with the human brain seemed natural.
It's like this ...when we first learn driving a car we first learn to get adapted to various how much we need to push the accelerator to race the engine as much as required and stuff...quite similarly
I'll be training a NN(or may be a smarter predessor of an ANN) to learn and control a batch distillation column.
It'll be a similar thing to teaching a person drive a car only difference being ..I'll teach this NN how much to push the "reflux ratio lever" to get an optimum output out of the column.
As I won't be working on a real distillation column, it'll be needed to make a software that mimics a batch distillation column and using the data from it we 'll train the network.
so thats what is my summer training all about and currently all I do is to read a bunch of papers that the scientist has given to us.It's a good learning experience for me and may be someday (though a far stretched dream) I'll see a paper written by me in a journal of chemical engineering.
Thats all for tonite ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hyderabad blues :(

Yeah finally when the reality sinks in...far from home(home as in hometown or iitk) and far from my dear dear comp :(( .
Food is really bad, though not unhygenic but surely bad because idli and dosa for a day or two is okay but for two months! you gotta be kidding...but look at the brighter side ...may be I'll lose some weight :)
and may be someday I 'll find a paper in a chemical engineering journal written by me ! ...distant dreams

Friday, May 06, 2005

Reporting from the Hi-Tech City

Hyderabad is a city which is actually clean and devoid of any garbage dumps! (first thing that strikes you when you reach here after smelling all that at the city of garbage ...our very own Kanpur.)
Second ...there aren't any cool looking girls here and I do wonder how Sania is cool and hep!
Third...Tata indicom is the coolest service here and I don't have to worry about changing my sim along with the cell.
Fourth is goood at this place and is actually quiet cheap ..which is good.
Bad things are cycle rickshaw...that is actually very bad ...but have a bus service here which seems kinda best in the world (somebody actually mentioned it) so seems it's time for the bus
see ya