Thursday, May 12, 2005


finally coming to terms with this place...found a couple of good places where they serve north indian dishes and not soo costly...seems it's time to concentrate more on my work
my work is related to neural networks and the professor(read scientist) is quite fundu ....he reads only journals and papers and his room is devoid of any books! also he has compelled us to code only in C so finally it's time to get fimilar with the baap of the languages! Actually neural networks are quite fundu things ...though the comparsion with brain, initially seemed fraud as we soon learned that it's nothing more a equation, but soon as we learned how it is applied the analogy with the human brain seemed natural.
It's like this ...when we first learn driving a car we first learn to get adapted to various how much we need to push the accelerator to race the engine as much as required and stuff...quite similarly
I'll be training a NN(or may be a smarter predessor of an ANN) to learn and control a batch distillation column.
It'll be a similar thing to teaching a person drive a car only difference being ..I'll teach this NN how much to push the "reflux ratio lever" to get an optimum output out of the column.
As I won't be working on a real distillation column, it'll be needed to make a software that mimics a batch distillation column and using the data from it we 'll train the network.
so thats what is my summer training all about and currently all I do is to read a bunch of papers that the scientist has given to us.It's a good learning experience for me and may be someday (though a far stretched dream) I'll see a paper written by me in a journal of chemical engineering.
Thats all for tonite ...