Friday, February 04, 2011

10 failed states and USA

Out of the top 10 failed states 2010 list, USA has played active part in 9 of them.

1. Somalia- Direct involvement. USA started playing with Somalia in 1978. Govt. there built the largest army in whole of Africa. In 1991, govt. was removed and a civil war ensued. USA intervened using it's army. Black hawk down is a real story from Mogadishu, capital of Somalia! Somalia is now in total chaos and their government lives in Kenya, in exile.

2. Chad- USA gave military support to Chad to counter the threat of Libya's Qadhaafi. Finally USA bailed out when they saw things becoming ugly.

3. Sudan- From wikipedia: "Sudan – United States relations are extremely complicated, both politically and economically. The United States is critical of Sudan's human rights record and has sent a strong UN Peacekeeping force to Darfur. Many Sudanese, both civilians and Government officials say that the interference of the U.S. and other Western nations in Darfur and against leader Omar al-Bashir is part of a covert plot to throw their country in economic (since business relations between the two have been defunct since 1997), governmental, and territorial unrest"

4. Zimbabwe- USA supported Mugabe, autocratic leader of Zimbabwe, even as he committed genocide and human rights violations. Now they are trying to overthrow him

5. Congo- CIA aided 1965 coup of Mobutu. He ran a very authoritarian regime and supported by USA and France. During the cold war, he helped USA by allowing them to set up puppet governments in Uganda and Central african republic.

6. Afghanistan- USA used Pakistani military and ISI to gain presence here and defeat the soviets. They supported a highly radical army of people to Soviets. After the cold war was over, this army overthrew the Kabul government. Name of this army is Taliban!

7. Iraq- USA supported Saddam hussain to take power in Iraq. CIA helped him when he was hiding in Egypt. After Saddam's bath party seized power, relations turned sour. After Saddam attacked Kuwait, America attacked Iraq. Saddam was killed by USA in a second attack after sep 11.

8. Central african republic- US actively supported interventions by other countries like French here.

10. Pakistan- Direct involvement. USA has supported Pakistani govt, military and ISI for more than 50 years. This was done to fight soviets in Afghanistan. They pumped money and resources in the military and ISI. This has lead to weakening of government and society. Army has removed the popular government many a times and ISI runs a proxy government. Insurgents run amok in the country and bombings are a daily fixture.

Simple question: How can USA preach human rights, democracy, civil rights etc when they clearly do not practice what they preach.