Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Thoughts about making of skynet!

While Artificially Intelligent machines may not plot a rebilion just about yet, they can very well destroy humanity as we know it, by taking away menial jobs like delivery boy, shop clerk and truck drivers. These technologies are no where near mass deployment yet. However that may not be true in next 15-20 years. That Google self driving car, along with others, would one day actually become perfect at driving and replace humans as drivers. It would replace the truck drivers from the truck too. Similarly, automated drone deliveries and clerk less checkouts, could make 100s of millions, job-less.

Without simple menial jobs, people would start becoming dependent on minimum guaranteed income and "free" health care schemes. However, people need more to survive. They need a purpose, a goal. I feel this would open up possibilities of a revolution by have nots against the affluent. A big global revolution. With tools of social media, all it needs a good leader and a spark.

One thing that Terminator movie's script writers did not think about (or deliberately missed out on) is existence of humans in Skynet. And a large number of them, working hard to perfect the machines' AI and material science.

Machines won't destroy the world, humans would. Like always!