Sunday, February 26, 2006

I am back

and I hope I'll be blogging regularly. Fourth year though is kinda drag as nothing much to do but then I keep on getting busy doing something or other (like Techkriti 2006 or Josh 2006, two festivals which happen to run on a event management system created by your's truely. Ilike writing web applications and as I am getting more aquainted to it, I feel that it may be something I'll be doing more in near future.
Well on the tech front a lot has been happening like Google diversifying like anything. They have even a started a philanthrophy arm. Aim is to hear people saying Google is god and not only in the virtual world!(well okay I cooked that up :P). Apart from that Google has made a lot of changes in the Gmail interface and it now also acts as a jabber client! and it is agree that it is innovation at it's best at gmail. On the other hand much touted yahoo beta mail is yet to make a public appearence (though it is available to a few people).

On the iitk geek front, we have taken a few steps in the forward direction too! We now have a bit torrent file system working to do away with leachers. Hall 2 hallday had a first to celebrate when it streamed that event realtime on the campus lan! and slowly and surely IITK lan is moving towards 1GB speed! That will eb awesome bbut I won't be here (hopefully!) to witness it. Net speed has also increased manifold.

Techkriti 2006- Techkriti started on a poor note with only 80 people attending the inaguration event and two main events, Endeavour and Eureka were a complete fraud show! (One of the teams told me that they are using a very "powerful" tool called "VB" yes visual basic to the face recognition and when I asked about the algorithm they told me that they were matching pixel by pixel, the two pics!! God bless them!)
Open software was good though and there were good entries in that. But on the whole something is missing. With very low participation compared to last year it can be termed as worst techkriti ever and feel in someway I am responsible for it too :(.
Anyways ...