Sunday, January 02, 2005

Politics and other stuff

Politics @ iitk: is cleaner than any other place in india (yes I can safely say that after spending 3 yrs at iitk)...Elections are coming near and I was convincing my ex roomie to have ago at the presi post ...but he's not ready..I don't think I have ever seen a much more composed and maure person than him ...but maturity has some traits takes away the spirit of adventure from you ...
New year: like others before have promise and excitment and I really wish to do some good work in my grade books this year ...infact I ve to do it otherwise ...
New courses this year are really crazy and weird from the deadly skg seems tough right from the word go with a lot of imagination and stuff ...then the bio course has a lot of mugging to do and then there are two courses which haven't yet started !!! Infact one is going to start from 17 th jan after almost 20 days the sem starts ...some profs are really cool :)
Why aren't all of em like him ...I really hope that he takes the course at all :P
then there is this lab course we have to do which is kinda weird and we have to do a 20 min presentation of all the practicals ...weird isn't it ?

My cellphone: I miss you ...You won't ever understand why I ve left you home ...infact even I don't understand why I did that :P ....and my ex roomie told me that you are weird when I told him that I ve left my cell home ...but is there some reason behind this action ...there must be one it becoz I was too pissed off wasting my parents' money ? Or is it because I was not able to control myself and was always hooked to it ? probably it's all of these ...And I don't really repent the decision now I really do have so much time to do other stuff :)
try it once won't need it again