Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Catching Up

A lot has happened in the tech world and in my world. I have kinda drifted away from this blog due to extremely stupid and irritating web filtering at work. One cannot access even blogs!! There is this really irritating filter called websense. It categorizes all the websites into various categories and the admin can blog them...category by category! Shopping, tasteless!, dating and personal , GMAIL, webmail, proxy avoidance, Message boards and clubs, Lifestyle and society! and Sports!! are some of the categories that are banned there. Well not for very long ...I have resigned and will be joining a travel search firm.
It is amazingly stupid that some people think that you can actually make people work in a organization by limiting access to the net and setting entry and exit restrictions! Maybe in a mill or something but where you have people working on large projects and most of the work is accomplished by taking a personal interest, a ban on things junta does in leisure time is suicidal. No wonder out of four people in my cubicle 3 have already put in their papers.

I think the new India and new Indians are a very different from the old India that was there 20-30 years ago. Censoring tactics like china is not going to work in a free country like India. Some may argue that censorship does exists in movies. Well hindi movies anyways don't have a lot of free speech and change the world kind of stuff. Moreover there is no choice. Job scene on the other hand is a very different ball game altogether!

Tech world in the next post.