Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A lot is happening

on the tech n geek front these NBC and CBS are offering tv shows for as little as 99 cents..In my view this is really a good a fast life of today n tomorrow, one should not expect people glued to TV, waiting for the next epsiode to come (some morons like us don't even have access to TV at all!) and therefore selling episodes for peanuts is definitely a good idea. From where I see it, a lot of these new things are being driven primarily by Apple and it's revolutionary iPod. With the brand new video iPod, one can now watch stuff on its tiny screen. Though, for once it may seem like people would not like to watch TV on a small screen and it has been confirmed by various online polls that people don't prefer that. Still I think TV on small screens of PDAs and iPods will soon catch up.
Imagine a day when technologies such as WCDMA catch up and become mainstream there will applications allowing us to video chat through our mobile! and believe me the day is not far even in India. Infact the way the things are folding out some of these technologies may come to India sooner than west!
Well so much for the future.

I've come across articles on net reviewing new Yahoo mail and if they are correct Yahoo! can well do a Gmail and it may even be better than what Gmail offers. After all Yahoo is definitely kicking some ass and they are in a revenge mode with Google as their only enemy.
Yahoo has 360 which is simply awesome with blogs, daily journal, photo sharing and orkut like social portal bundled into one. Though I don't plan to shift this blog to 360 anytime soon but it definitely looks compelling and reasons for not doing the same is that I am lazy. But that may not remain true for long. Yahoo, though is not as mature as The God aka Google and keeps doing silly things like vowing to kill Gmail (reported into my last post) and showing Mountain View, California(HQ of Google) as a fish shop! They even have a website up for the fish store!! It's an interesting fight to watch...

A company called "Blacklight power" headed by a electrical engineer from MIT (who is actually a doctor from Havard) is reporting that it has devised ways to generate more power and heat than available from normal combustion process and thus may produce power which may produce energy that will be 4-5 times cheaper than available from commercial sources. But what really is baffling is that the method that they are using has rendered Quantum Mechanics invalid! What a great news indeed. Apart from generating really cheap power for energy starved countries like India and China , it will also save students from going through the rigours of quantum theory! God bless Dr. Mills!(just kidding). Either this is a prank, fraud or some publicity stunt but whatever it is, is definitely worth following.

Another unkown company is all set of launch a web based service which will be a mail service, a photo album, (guess) a movie player, music player, a calender service and a excel type thingy. Ajax is really kicking some ass these days. (Ajax is the technology behind new web based services such as gmail, google map and more which allows web application to behave similarly to desktp applications... if you wish to know how advanced this technology is... visit Meebo)

More later

Monday, November 07, 2005

Okay...mez back

After a long silence, PR's blog is buzzing with activity again. For those interested in knowing the reason of this silence...these words may describe it...antaragni zero five, diwali, BTP etc etc. Though I've not been blogging I've been following geek activities regularly. There have been a few interesting changes such as Google desktop 2 moving finally out of beta, yahoo putting up a geek statue a plaque on the same says (Presented to the Yahoo! Mail Team by the good people of Yahoo! in recognition of tremendous intellectual efforts put forth in order to defeat Gmail.

Not since the code breakers in Britain's Bletchley Park deciphered Germany's Enigma code during World War II has so much brainpower been focused on kicking an enemy's ass.

The Yahoo! Mail Team's bravery, courage, and cumulative intelligence will not soon be forgotten. )
, Linspire CEO offering for $5m to replace windows OS on all South Korean computers with linspire, Chinese plan to land on moon by 2017, An amazing concept of a coffee with beer! and a lot more...