Thursday, June 23, 2005

Slashdotted again!

My story on an "Indian guy cracking Microsoft Genuine Advantage" was slashdotted today. This is the second occasion I am going to be famous :). Okay next time I won't give my mail ID as the link but my blog address. I am so excited like I was the last time. I had this Indian patent story slashdotted last time and it was a good story even by slashdot standards. And my goofyness was showed there too when I mispelled "regarding" as "regrading":). I can only hope that there are no such terrible luck this time.

Friday, June 17, 2005


After a long nightI was finally able to teach her atleast something :)
And hope that this lesson would help me in having her whenever I want and as I want.
She's sexy,
She's dynamic,
She's intelligent ,
She's open to new ideas,
She's open to new things,
She learns new things very easily,
She likes me experimenting with her,
I assure her that it was not a one night stand
and that our association will go a long way in the years to come
I am deeply and truly involved with her and hope it continues forever

I am really in love with her :)

wondering who this is ???

She's my first neural network and I was madly coding it to be as dynamic and powerul as it could be ...and boy you bet !

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

1st Monsson rain!

Yipeee!!! 1st monsoon rains are here ! and in full glory. It has been rainign for last 1 and 1/2 hour and still no signs of abatement:) and best part is that it brings with it a pleasent gale and I love it like anything. Though I don't go out in rain as it seems somewhat childish to me (is it ?)

Monday, June 13, 2005

For the ones who are getting bored

I ve found a few websites that maybe of your interest

First one is a site which uses google maps to take you around america's major destinations and there are also some strange objects that have been sighted's interesting :)

Second one on the other hand is more geeky and shows how to make a apple type aqua button's worth browsin atleast once ...try it!

Hyderabadi biryani

This city is famous for biryani and to my delight I ve found that it's completely true:)
This city boasts of one the finest chicken dishes available anywhere in the country...I ve had my share already and I am still not tired and hope to taste some more exotic chicken dishes in the near future.
My work is almost stalled because after one month of rigourous work I ve lost momentum for last four days now. I am tried and I need a break but it is hard to come by. Apart rom chicken there is nothing rocking here as I am livin at a plce far away from thecity centre and not much happens here. Infact it's even difficult to have chicken everyday but I am trying :). Though we are two guys working on this project but I can safely say that all the work came from only one of us and this frustrates me even more:( ... and today as the scientist under whose guidance we are working is absent I just bolted out from the place in search of some solitude and to gather myself again with a hope that I'll start working like before again. It has not happened as yet but I am trying:).
Anyways Apple has shocked the geek world and a lot is being read in apple's change over to Intel chips from IBM ones. Is this so big a development ? Is apple going to kill linux with it's tactics? Is OS X already available for x86 pcs? (I read an article confirming the same on the slashdot). And if OS X actually comes to x86 platform the most beneitted would be the consumers because there IS no match for apple GUI! :)
waiting for it

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Whats in store from google!

I was browsing net as usual and suddenly an idea struck ...what if there be a portal which allows you to log in once and cater all your email,blog,instant messanging,search,bookmarks,blogs,social portal and much more!...advantage o such a website(read portal) would be that you need not remember anymore passwords...and now I ve a firm belief that this is what we may expect next from After hiring top web developers from firefox team(you know that, don't you ?), allowing customization of their news portal and rolling out services like "my yahoo" this seems to be natural next that we may expect from this company. A customized fireox browser which once asks password in the begining and after that everything is just a click away(literally) on the blog link and blog instantly...another pulldown menu has your bookmarks stored no matter in which part of the world you are(actually I am missing my bookmarks like anything!)...mail alerts and scraps alerts from gmail and orkut(which is still not officially on google's product list) alerts, location specific searches and what not ...
so even if they are not planning such a thing they should :P(my G-drive capabilities are on a high these days and I was ging to be more elaborate but got bored ...maybe next time)

Friday, June 03, 2005

My heart goes out to all kashmiris

After living for 1 month with a Kashmiri friend, I can safely say that kashmir for them is very different from what other Indians think about kashmir. For us it's not more than a mere tourist place ... for them it's their home ...
If this peace talk and process reach the so called "solution" of kashmir movement I am very sure it'll be best for all the parties involved in it ...though I am still skeptical as how this solution will be reached if both the countries still don't know what the solution is ?...will india allow a greater autonomy for kashmir ? will people of kashmir be content with the autonomy given >? will there be peace for a long time to come ? is soft border at all a solution ?
will the loc be disolved and kashmir granted a status of an independent nation ? will it be able to sustain it's independence ?
will the armies of both sides allow any peace ? will the intelligence agiences allow the peace process to go unabated ?
Whatever be the future I really pray for kashmiris for they get what they have sacrificed so much for and the people of both sides get for which they have lost so many worthy sons for....

Missing you :(

nah! she's not a girl's dal chawaal mixed with some ghee at hall 4 canteen!!! I am missing it like anything ..the taste of north indian food is simply great ..and you won't get it here at hyderabad...are these people don't even know how to make samosas ..all you'll get here is some fried triangular shaped thing with potato inside ...
I really miss north indian food :((