Friday, June 03, 2005

My heart goes out to all kashmiris

After living for 1 month with a Kashmiri friend, I can safely say that kashmir for them is very different from what other Indians think about kashmir. For us it's not more than a mere tourist place ... for them it's their home ...
If this peace talk and process reach the so called "solution" of kashmir movement I am very sure it'll be best for all the parties involved in it ...though I am still skeptical as how this solution will be reached if both the countries still don't know what the solution is ?...will india allow a greater autonomy for kashmir ? will people of kashmir be content with the autonomy given >? will there be peace for a long time to come ? is soft border at all a solution ?
will the loc be disolved and kashmir granted a status of an independent nation ? will it be able to sustain it's independence ?
will the armies of both sides allow any peace ? will the intelligence agiences allow the peace process to go unabated ?
Whatever be the future I really pray for kashmiris for they get what they have sacrificed so much for and the people of both sides get for which they have lost so many worthy sons for....

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