Thursday, July 28, 2011

Say no to Anna

I sometimes wonder why we Indians are so gullible ? Why do we always believe everything that these babas, media says and never believe what the government says. I think it runs in our blood. With English ruling us for so long we are programmed to react this way.

But now things have changed. We are no longer ruled by them. We are no longer a third world country. We are a strong and dominant economy and there are people who would like us to remain in middle ages. We saw an example of that during CWG games. When we were busy maligning our own country, government and games, outsiders took advantage of this to show the world a negative picture of us.

Even now these people are busy weakening our government and country and we are celebrating them. If you have issues with the ruling political party, settle it during the elections. Let government function and take country forward. Time has come to ignore such people and move forward. Corruption cannot be squatted by a bill. It is within us. Within you and me. Solve that first and government would become clean automatically. Government is just a reflection of our society.

We don't need a revolution. We need a stable and strong government. We need growth and prosperity.

Please don't be foolish and Say NO to Anna!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Facebook launches video chat

FB launches video chat. It will be an extension. It is based on skype.