Saturday, October 08, 2005

Okay enough of Tech stuff...Love is in the air

One of my closest friend is madly, truely and deeply in love...Well you may ask whats there to blog about ? Given the sex ratio at iit almost half the junta always reamins "madly, deeply and truely" in love and most often the just one girl!
Lets not get out of track...This guy has this crush on this really cool and talented female of my batch. And both of these are good friends of mine and therefore I am having double the fun!
Now the exciting part, I and a few in the gang had a nice little session this morning and we were able to convince this guy that the only chance to win the girl's heart is to acocmpany her during her journey home today! And he has believed all this crap and right now standing in a queque to get a train ticket.
Well I know this is wicked but thats what I(we) are. We convinced him that if Sharukh can do this in "Chalte-Chalte" by catching a last minute flight to athens then this is his chance to do the same by catching this train in the last minute. Must say I am excited about this as this maybe one those things you may remember all your life as "wah! kya love story thi" or "wah! kya kata tha bande ka:P". Though latter would be more fun and spicy, former is what I really hope should happen. I'll keep you guys updated as things unfold. BTW train is at 10 pm today :)

It was a complete filmi story! With a bitchy villan (who told the girl about the whole plan) and last minute drama. ALso I realized at the last minute that the ticket we have is for the wrong train!!! (We knew that she was going by Rajdhani and there were two rajdhanis for the same destination , almost at the same time!). But in end it all turned out to be worth it as the girl "kinda" agreed to the proposal of my friend! Yipee..

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Firefox 1.5

The new firefox (still in beta) seems a lot cooler and though they have not fixed the memory leak ( I've searched about it and it seems that this bug is not in mozilla engine but rather is contracted to it when we install the flash plugin!!) which has plagued it for long now. It has some cool features such as Faster browsing (this enables faster back and forward navigation), automatic updates etc. But the most notable change is the drag and drop reordering of tab buttons. Happy browsing!

Google and Sun

War lines have been drawn and the GOD is hiding somehting form us like always. There is definitely something big brewing in the works at Mountain View, California as Google and Sun have decided to bring a new spreadsheet and wordprocesser which will be closely linked to internet. It may or may not be something based on AJAX (well for the uninformed ajax is the technology used in gmail which makes it very user friendly and agile). It maybe something based on desktop (similar to google desktop search by Google) which will be based on Java and Openoffice of Sun. Must accept whatever it is, is not very clear at this point of time. One thing though is very clear that it is going to directly confront Microsoft and kick the giant in it's balls!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things are going to change soon

The way we toppofy our assignments may change ...soon! Look out for Google and sun's web based office which will have functionality of a desktop based office system. More on this soon as news trickles in.