Monday, June 13, 2005

Hyderabadi biryani

This city is famous for biryani and to my delight I ve found that it's completely true:)
This city boasts of one the finest chicken dishes available anywhere in the country...I ve had my share already and I am still not tired and hope to taste some more exotic chicken dishes in the near future.
My work is almost stalled because after one month of rigourous work I ve lost momentum for last four days now. I am tried and I need a break but it is hard to come by. Apart rom chicken there is nothing rocking here as I am livin at a plce far away from thecity centre and not much happens here. Infact it's even difficult to have chicken everyday but I am trying :). Though we are two guys working on this project but I can safely say that all the work came from only one of us and this frustrates me even more:( ... and today as the scientist under whose guidance we are working is absent I just bolted out from the place in search of some solitude and to gather myself again with a hope that I'll start working like before again. It has not happened as yet but I am trying:).
Anyways Apple has shocked the geek world and a lot is being read in apple's change over to Intel chips from IBM ones. Is this so big a development ? Is apple going to kill linux with it's tactics? Is OS X already available for x86 pcs? (I read an article confirming the same on the slashdot). And if OS X actually comes to x86 platform the most beneitted would be the consumers because there IS no match for apple GUI! :)
waiting for it