Thursday, October 06, 2011

Joy of giving - Day 1

Sometime back I wondered here, if there could be a milk network, to feed poor children and take food out of their daily problems list. In fact, I have been wondering about it off and on. Today I decided to make a start. Though, it was not milk that I started with. I had some old clothes lying around and some extra food. These were some destitute people sitting near Sai dham temple at Kandivali East on the western express highway. They seem to be in business of making brooms. There were around 50 of them living in small roadside huts.

Here are a few points I considered/learned today:
  1. I feel giving away clothes or other goods is better than giving away food. I feel that food gets over too quickly to make any significant difference in their lives. I'd much rather give them utensils, clothes, sewing material, carry bags, newspapers, books etc than giving away food. These things help them jack up quality of their daily life by a small percentage.
  2. It is better to give to adults in the family and not to children. Children tend to be too eager with things and may not use them to the fullest. Adult members are more sane and they even tell you what do they want next time.
  3. Choose a location close to home. Not too close as you don't want them to follow you back home and it is good exercise to walk a few kilometers a day.
  4. Do not be afraid of them. They are people after all and will not try to hurt anybody who gives them
  5. Talk to them and ask them about their needs. Try to dissuade them from asking money and ask them to use the goods to do something productive
More soon.

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