Monday, March 14, 2011

Team win vs century by player

Ganguly 81.82%
Ponting 86.21%
Sehwag 92.86%
Jayasuriya 85.71%
Lara 84.21%
Kallis 76.47%
Mahela 100.00%


Fazal said...

After the WC final, Mahela's stats have suffered a bit :)

Fazal said...

These stats are bit misleading.
What about matches where Sachin didn't score century.

Till date (29-Dec-2011) with Sachin in team:
Matches played : 567

Matches WITH Sachin's century : 99
Wins in 'Century' Matches : 67
Percent of win : 67/99 x 100 = 68%

Matches WITHOUT Sachin's century: 468
Wins in 'NON Century' Matches : 227
Percent of win : 227/468 x 100 = 48.5%

So CLEARLY, "If Sachin scores a century, India's chances of Winning the game INCREASES by about 20%"

Shirish said...

I agree with this "Fazal" guy. While stats can point to patterns, patterns don't dictate facts. :)

Piyush said...

@shirish I don't remember stating a fact in this post. It is only about patterns.

Piyush said...

@fazal and @shirish in your face :D

Fazal said...

How sad!! Sachin created yet another milestone but others broke it. I wonder when this poor guy will get the much needed team support :(

Piyush said...

ha ha ha ... India lost because he scored very slowly

Fazal said...

Ab kya bole...
It was apparently visible. He was very nervous and very tensed. He played too many dot balls and just could never make up for the strike rate.
Anyway, lets hope, atleast he scores more freely now or atleast retire peacefully ;)