Monday, October 12, 2009

Proactive India

I love the fact that this Government is very proactive:

Going after the naxals proactively
Naxals have been a big menace for this country. They started off as a movement to protect the interest of Poorest of poor. However it has mutated into a cult which promotes crime and law and order which in turns makes sure poores-of-poor remain just that. It was abut time that govt. capture/shoot all the big naxal ideologists and they did just that when they captured Kobard Ghandhy. And now comes the pounding of the naxal land. Hope this seals the fate of Naxals.

Dealing with Pakistan in a firm manner
Pakis have been very adventurous last year with Mumbai attack. India responded really well by making them pay at various fronts like diplomacy and threatening stability of Pakistan. India also managed to launch the long needed eye-in-the-sky. They were all set to launch this Israeli "eye" in 2006 when America intervened. This is a crucial realtime element which has been missing since the days of Operation Blue star.

Dealing with China
China has been feeling adventurous lately and that is not good for us. India has shown China that it is not the 1962 India and will not take things lying down. They are activating advance airstrips, deploying Mig 29s, Brahmos missiles, building more roads and infrastructure to make sure China understands clearly.

Keep up the good work

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