Friday, April 25, 2008

Cleartrip trains now has more features

  • Dateless search - Now you can search without specifying and date of travel and the result will be presented to you in a form of table which will show you a list of trains between the specified pair of stations/cities, days it runs on etc. One can further specify the date from "Modify your search " link and check for availability.
  • Google maps of trains - We launched this feature quiet sometime back. However I still like to brag about it as I had to spend a lot of time into it. A few maps just look so beautiful. For instance

  • Route Images - After lot of hard work from Anurag we were finally able to launch a really cool feature : Route images like the ones we find on IR timetable. Inspired by London underground maps these look amazing

The best thing about these maps is that they highlight the important stations and that was achieved after a little voodoo :)

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