Thursday, July 12, 2007

Writing a custom mongrel handler

Wrote my first custom mongrel handler and it is ugly. I have not used ERB, eruby or erubis yet to generate HTML.

Benchmark results for mongrel handler

Transactions: 5000 hits
*Elapsed time: 54.55 secs
*Data transferred: 2.90 MB
*Response time: 0.45 secs
Transaction rate: 91.66 trans/sec
*Throughput: 0.05 MB/sec
*Longest transaction: 1.63
*Shortest transaction: 0.00

A similar app on rails was made and here are the benchmark figures

Transactions: 5000 hits
*Elapsed time: 195.34 secs
*Data transferred: 3.39 MB
*Response time: 3.29 secs
**Transaction rate: 25.60 trans/sec
*Throughput: 0.02 MB/sec
*Longest transaction: 7.63
*Shortest transaction: 0.01

There is almost a 4 fold jump in transaction rate and therefore Mongrel handler can be used to handle pages which have very high hit counts
However using plain vanilla mongrel handlers to write pages is very difficult as it does not automagically 'renders' html pages.


Johannes said...


But where is the code? Show us something.



Piyush said...

Well lost the code due to a HDD crash. M writing another one ...will post it soon