Thursday, March 03, 2005


Good things are happening to me
First) I won two competitions at Techkriti (technical festival at IITK) first one was hacking competition ...conducted by Sachin Deodher a huge geek! when he talked we were like "WOW!!!"
he actually runs a comp with 1 ghz overclocking ..can you believe this !!
well the prize money was 5000 and three guys share it ... my teammates were Varun from pune and anirban from jalpaigudi(must admit he was a big pain ) ...though had no idea about the last round as it involved a lot about assembely but did chipped in with my bit in the first two rounds...

second)Was really unexpected ..but I must admit that I dreamt a lot about it :) Dreams sometimes come true ... But surely it was the most unexpected...The open software contest ...a sexy 15k prize money and a geek recognition ..what more I could have asked for ...and whats more we did not even have a presentation ready or a paper to present to judges
But we did it with style ..even though my english was jerky and cheap ..I managed it
we here means nanda and me ...but I m not gonna share any prize money with him :P

hmm much for techkriti
yesterday I got this summer internship at Ankeleshwar in gujrat ..must admit not a very good one ..but neither a bad one ....this one with 2000 bucks and TA and accomodation would see my summer through
and yeah I was working for a company and they gave me 500 bucks
so money is not scarce these days for me

whats more ..yeah a girl proposed to me :D
so I guess my lukha days are over ...but ...are they ?
Nah ...I am better as I am like a ....street dog :P

is there somethign I m forgetting ?
well don't think so


Vee Bee said...

Hey Piyush,

My name is Vilasini. I had a very good friend from a place called Ghaziabad who had the same name as yours.

He was actually called "Sunny".
Wondering if you are the same guy.


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